Amida’s Gift of Salvation

A poem on Amida Buddha’ Gift of Salvation


This is an edition of an earlier post of my poem which has now been set into a beautiful musical composition and presented on You Tube by Richard St. Clair…


I take refuge in Amida Buddha
Saying His Glorious Name
In deep gratitude for bestowing on me
His Inconceivable Gift of Salvation.

Endless suffering in the cycle of birth and death
Firmly grips this ignorant, wretched person.
And for billions of lives, I blindly endured
With no condition for emancipation.

But Amida Buddha patiently awaited
While my good karma slowly ripens,
Nurtured for more than fifty billion years
By His association and untiring presence.

Master Shinran’s wonderful message
Expounding Amida’s Gift of Salvation,
Revealed to me the work of Great Compassion
And my assured Salvation in the present.

Marvellously, in this precious human life
I finally Heard Amida’s Primal Vow,
As the spark of True Entrusting
Crosses all the gaps of doubt.

Neither have I, any accumulated merits
Nor ability to perform any good practice.
Yet, this no-root Gift of Entrusting Faith
Simply sprouted from Amida’s grace.

To say that it is simply Inconceivable
Truly describes this ineffable possibility,
How foolish persons with deep evil passions
Are saved by His Compassionate Activity

Accomplishing and fulfilling His Pledge
Amida embraces, not forsaking any person.
We are assured birth in His Land of Peace
The unconditioned realm of Enlightenment.

It is indeed difficult to adequately express
Our gratitude for His Gift of Salvation,
But thankfully calling His Glorious Name
We hear, The Call of Boundless Compassion.


NAMO AMIDA BUTSU   南 無 阿 彌 陀 佛
NAMO AMIDA BUTSU   南 無 阿 彌 陀 佛
NAMO AMIDA BUTSU   南 無 阿 彌 陀 佛


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